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About Student Wellbeing 

Good health and wellbeing are essential elements towards a child’s education and daily life. At Magill School, we work as a community to ensure the needs for students are being met; social and emotional learning is a key focus. 

Our weekly timetable includes dedicated time specifically focused on enhancing our students' wellbeing literacy. We explicitly teach children to recognize emotions, comprehend the science behind behaviour and emotions, and practice strategies that enhance capacity to improve personal wellbeing. 

At Magill our priorities in Student Wellbeing are: 

  • Developing resilience, grit and a growth mindset in all students; 
  • Teaching students' skills needed to develop their personal and social capabilities; 
  • Promoting student voice throughout the school through the involvement of our Student Action Team representatives; 
  • Supporting children who are experiencing difficulties; 
  • Working together with families; and 
  • Developing student strategies for thinking, learning and working collaboratively. 

A cohesive, supportive network between the school, child and family is crucial in assisting a child’s wellbeing. The current framework that we use at Magill to support the development of our Personal and Social Capabilities is the Wellbeing for Learning and Life Framework. This underpins the work we do across the school. 

Students are actively involved in promoting wellbeing at Magill School. A regular segment in our Inside Magill production, ‘Positron and Negatron’ highlights common issues children may experience at school and how best to manage the situation. 

Positron v Negatron Episode 1

Positron v Negatron Episode 2

Positron v Negatron Episode 3

Positron v Negatron Episode 4

The Wellbeing Team at Magill School is led by Assistant Principal Erica Teumohenga, and includes trained School Support Officers who run a variety of programs for student to engage with such as; Positive Play and What’s the Buzz. If you have any concerns for your child in the wellbeing space, please contact Erica for a confidential conversation at