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Student Action Team

Student Action teams/Year Six Leaders

At Magill School, we firmly believe in empowering students to express themselves and contribute meaningfully to their educational community. Providing students with the chance to voice their opinions on school matters is necessary, and it's equally important to actively listen to them and encourage their involvement in advancing the school's goals.

Student voice is a vital aspect of Magill School's daily business. This year, the school has restructured its action teams to enhance meaningful participation, and support students to run school wide class meetings every term. This gives every student the opportunity to discuss issues they find significant for their school and the wider community.

Action Teams work on various projects, determined by the outcome of class meetings. For example: organizing fundraisers, promoting safety in the school yard, fostering environmental care, teaching digital technologies, introducing new games, coordinating special events like Children's Week Celebration.

Year 6 leaders collaborate with student action teams and attend partnership meetings that focus on Wellbeing Engagement Collection data results, using them as a foundation for introducing projects aimed at enhancing the school's overall wellbeing.

Throughout the year, students on action teams are exposed to numerous opportunities for leadership development, including formal school-based leadership training days and participation in school-wide projects facilitated by external organizations.