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Cricket is a popular sport played during the summer season, during Term 1 and Term 4. Magill cricket teams participate in the Kensington Primary School Cricket Competition. Matches are played against schools in the North Eastern region and the competition is administrated by the SACA.

2019 Cricket Registration

What is cricket? 

School cricket is played between two teams of 8 players a side. One team will elect to bat, the other fields and bowls. The batting team aims to score as many ‘runs’ as possible by batting in pairs or partnership.

The aim of the fielding side is to get the batters ‘out’ by taking ‘wickets’ or restricting the number of runs scored.

Once the ‘innings’ is completed the teams switch between batting and bowling. The innings is completed when the batting team is all ‘out’ or all ‘overs’ have been bowled.

Woolworths Cricket Blast (Reception to Year 2)

Fees - $99

Uniform – your favourite sports gear.

Timetable –Terms 1 and 4 (Saturday morning sessions)

RegistrationClick Here

Woolworths Cricket Blast is a fun skills program and a great way for girls and boys aged five to eight to get a taste of cricket. No experience necessary!

You get to hang out with your friends, be active, play games and learn some great cricket skills!

School Cricket

Kanga Cricket Year 2s and 3s (open to boys and girls)

Games are one hour in length with basic equipment, skills, rules and a high emphasis placed on fun. Each player gets to bat and bowl and field. Players bat in pairs for 4 overs. All games are played at Parkinson Oval at Kensington Gardens.

Click here for Kanga Cricket Rules.

Junior Cricket Year 4s and 5s

A two hour game with full equipment but a modified ball and played on a pitch. The emphasis on skill development and participation. Each player bats and bowls the same number of overs and the average score is calculated from total runs achieved divided by total wickets taken.  Matches are played at various primary school in the Kensington zone.  

Click here for Junior Cricket Rules.

Senior Cricket Year 6s and 7s

Three hour games. Matches are competitive. Batters caught or bowled are out.  Batters must retire after scoring 30 runs but may return later in the game. All players (excluding the wicket keeper) must bowl at least 2 overs and a maximum of 4 overs.  Matches/games are 25 overs per side and are played at various grounds in the Kensington zone.

Click here for Senior Cricket Rules.

Girls competition

Available for year 5 girls and above at the Kensington Cricket Club .

Timetable – Terms 1 and 4. Saturday morning games for Kanga, Junior year 5s and Seniors. Games for year 4s Junior Cricket are Friday 4.30pm. Timetables/fixtures are issued by Kensington Primary School Cricket Competition. Training TBC by coach (generally once a week after school).

Kanga, Average and Senior Fees - $80

Uniform – White pants or green school shorts. Magill School now has a unisex Representative polo shirt which is preferrable for both Junior & Senior players and can be purchased from the uniform shop, otherwise a white polo shirt and a broad brimmed hat (mandatory).Your own protective box is also recommended. Equipment is supplied by the school.

Registration – day 1 of term 1 available

Coaching / Management / Scoring - Parent volunteers

Click here for fixtures.  

Click here for hot weather policy.

Click here for more information on cricket “Cricket 101”.

Click here for  a list of cricket ovals.


Contact: Rachel Owens 8331 9422