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Mathematics at Magill School

At Magill School we teach evidence-based ‘best practice’ in mathematics in our Reception to Year 6 classes.

We aim to provide an engaging and rigorous mathematics program for all students which is differentiated to meet individual learner needs, setting up opportunities for all students to excel in challenging, open-ended mathematics activities.

We approach the teaching and learning of mathematics from two viewpoints. The first is the development of dispositions towards learning mathematics, and the second is the learning of mathematical concepts and skills.

Students need to learn mathematics in ways that enable them to recognise when mathematics might help to interpret information or solve practical problems, apply their knowledge appropriately in contexts where they will have to use mathematical reasoning processes, choose mathematics that makes sense in the circumstances, make assumptions, resolve ambiguity and judge what is reasonable in the context. (National Numeracy Review Report, 2008)

Our aim at Magill School is for all of our students to have a conceptual understanding in mathematics, how to think numerately and apply their knowledge of numbers to real world problem solving.

Intervention to support students with concept development is put in place throughout the year. Students are identified through testing and data analysis to identify student gaps in conceptual understanding and development.