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Jolly Phonics

At Magill we use the Jolly Phonics programme to teach literacy in the early years. 

Jolly Phonics is a program which provides early learners with a strong foundation for reading and writing. It uses the synthetic phonics method of teaching the letter sounds in a way that is fun and multi-sensory.

There are many schools using this approach to learning to read and write with great success. 

It sets students up for success in literacy through their schooling. 

The steps in Jolly Phonics are:

  • learning the sounds in a multisensory way
  • blending words that use single letter sounds
  • blending words that sue consonant blends and double letter sounds
  • blending word that use digraphs
  • learning tricky words - words that can’t be blended but need to be learnt as whole words)
  • magic ‘e’ words as in funny
  • alternative vowels

How can parents help?

  • go through the sounds with the actions
  • by going through the Tricky Words that come home as many days as possible
  • listening to your child read their reading book
  • reading picture books to your child

As educators we are continually learning and we feel confident about this multisensory, very explicit way of teaching children to read and write. We are monitoring the learning outcomes closely.

As an important part of our Literacy programs:

  • Levelled reading books are issued in Week 2 for continuing Receptions to Year 2. This gives teachers the opportunity to match level to appropriate ability taking into account changes over the holidays
  • New Receptions will begin levelled take home reading books in Week 4 when they also begin their tricky words. 
  • Levelled readers are borrowed each week through the Resource Centre. This is done under the guidance of class teachers. Readers and reader bags will need to be brought to school each day.

Thank you for your support in helping every child to be confident readers and writers.