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Chess practice sessions commence in Term 1, week 5 and continue until the end of Term 3. No experience is necessary, as students are under the guidance of professional coach Vladmir Gajic.  Students attend the first 2 weeks on a trial basis. Competitions are optional.  Magill has a very strong chess tradition and has won many trophies, the latest being the National Girls Championship in 2014.

What is chess? 

A game for 2 players each of whom moves 16 pieces according to fixed rules across a checkerboard and tries to checkmate the opponent's king.

Fees - $100 per child including the coaching and interschool competition fees.

Timetable – Beginners/less experienced players Mondays 3.05pm to 4.00pm, Year 3/4 Chinese Room F10.

More experienced players Wednesdays 3.05pm to 4.00pm, Year 3/4 Chinese Room F10.

Interschool competitions begin in Term 2, with matches usually occurring every 2 weeks at various venues on Friday afternoons for less experienced and Friday evenings for the A team.

Parental help – It is essential that the Magill Chess Program has regular and reliable parents to help supervise the after school sessions.

Enquiries please contact Lisha Nash on 8331 9422 or

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